Marunama Foods
Marunama Foods’ new factory sustaining its
Company Outline

Marunama Food Industry Co.,Ltd
President / Ryuji Kobushiwaki
Main office /
12-10 Hinode-cho Hakodate city Hokkaido 040-0022 Japan
Telephone / +08-138-55-0070
Facsimile / +08-138-52-3749
E-mail /
Capital / 20 million yen
Settlement Term / May
description of business /
EFisheries processing production dealership

Tokyo Office /
New Kachidoki Bldg#304 3-4-6 Kachidoki Chuo-ku Tokyo =104-0054 Japan
Telephone / +08-3-6231-6377
Facsimile / +08-3-6231-6370

Sapporo Office /
1-20-406 Kita 12-Jo Nishi 20-chome Chuo-ku Sapporo =060-0012 Japan
Telephone / +08-11-633-7656
Facsimile / +08-11-633-7666

What is required in food now is reassurance and safety in addition to taste and it is not acceptable for consumers to eat problematic food. We are controlling food quality by establishing strict standards since it is human’s nature to make mistakes. We ship only products that meet the standards. We have observation corridors for distributors to tour our facility so that they can sell our products with reliance.
* We are accepting public group tour from February to June.

Facility Summary

• Steel constructed three-story building
• One-story tower • Building Area • Total Floor Space • Third Floor Space • PH Floor Space • Wastewater treatment facility • Kesen-numa oyster shell contact oxidation-reduction septic tank • Capability • Gas engine heat pumping air conditioning method

nside of Our Factory
プラットフォーム 生処理室 刺身加工室
This is where we prepare to ship our products we made with care to customers Maika squids, our main ingredient brought to the factory are mostly live. In this room foreign objects are eliminated, then squids are washed and sterilizied as the first processing step.
Rapid freeze the primarily processed squids after another sanitization.
二次加工室1 二次加工室2 充填・包装室
Mainly season cooked products, mature, and pack them. Cut, season, and mature the primarily processed products.
Final packing room for seasoned and matured products.
手洗い・乾燥室 エアシャワー 見学者用通路
It is mandatory to wash hands before entering inside of factory. It is not possible to enter without elimination of fouling on clothes and sterilization. Sterilization on boots and blowing dusts off before entering the room. Observation corridor has been set up for distributors so that they can sell our products with reliance. *Accepting public group tour from February to June.
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